Firouz FarmanFarmaian Brings Venice Biennale's Kyrgyz Pavilion into Metaverse with Dubai Based NFT curators Morrow Collective


Building on June 12th 2022 Syncretic NFT drop The Kyrgyz National Pavilion’s GATES OF TURAN installation is pushing its post-opening digital exploration into the Metaverse partnering up with Dubai based NFT Curators Morrow Collective after a first collab on ArtDubai Digital in the Spring. 


Deployed within Morrow Collectives Building on Voxels  - the Gates of Turan Metaverse Edition will run through the end of the Biennale and into 2023 Mirroring the Pavilion installation while displaying the SHIMMER artvideo along the KAYAKALAK 2D motion video NFT panels produced in collaboration with digital artist-designer Farbod M. Mehr primarily minted on the NFT platform

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FFFs new experimental-fusion-rock ensemble FORRM  has released its explorative psychedelic debut album NU FORRM. Available on all digital platforms  - it drops  a decade after the artists previous album NIGHTOLOGY with former indie rock band PLAYGROUND.

NU FORRM opens with SHIMMER a 17mn sinuous sonic adventure that figures as the the soundscape of his ongoing Venice Biennale installation - giving the tone to a free form experiment overlapping genres and formats. FarmanFarmaian leads the project with a signature vintage sound on electric guitar -  charging the load with tribal riffs and deep ambient distortion seeking connections with the Gnawa of Essaouira and Sub-Saharian desert rock ( A NOMAD PRAYER ) while tripping poetic vocal drops as shamanistic dreamscapes ( HIDING PLACE, JOL ) along spiritual visions ( GATES OF TURAN ) and a personal fireplace ballad, EMBERS ATONE .

Recorded by Spanish Producer Jose Maria Sagrista in the Winter-Spring of 2021-2022 at the Punta Paloma Studios Tarifa Spain, the album features master Tabla - Flute player Axl Narayana, ex-Playground Parisian Producer-Drummer Philippe Deshaies and the words of San Francisco Beat Poet Edward D. Baker.

The DIGITAL RELEASE will be followed  by a 12" LP + Syncretic NFT Limited Edition in the Fall of 2022.

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